Emily Johnston BSc (hons) - Glass - Plants - Avoiding the real world

I make glass...

I got a job working for a glass blower in Somerset when I was 19, and learned the ropes doing all the cold work in the workshop when the glass came out of the annealer. I learnt valuable skills, starting with fused glass jewellery. I caught the glass bug.

Eventually, I moved away from Somerset and moved to Cornwall, and started working in independent cafes. This, in turn, led to a strong desire for coffee, and pursual of a horticulture degree at the Eden Project.

...I also like plants

Completing my degree in June 2019, I was thrown back into the real world. No longer did I have the student excuse to justify my fascination with picking and preserving plants. I had to join the real world. So I decided to combine my two passions and give working for myself a proper shot!

My studio in Newquay provides me with a place to work, meet people, and house plants. What's not to like about that?